Thing 5: RSS

As a surprise to myself, I am actually having fun using my new reader.   I love being able to    skim through the set of titles of articles to find the ones that are most pertinent to me.  It still takes time, but it is time well spent as I am learning from other teachers and researching the new resources.  One blog I subscribed to included a discussion between two teachers on how to help the learner know how to and want to achieve the next level of achievement.  The discussion did not yield a direct answer or solution, but was definitely food for thought.  These two teachers included a quote in their discussion and I find it to be a wonderful goal for all teachers: “Great teachers somehow make us want to ask the questions that they want us to answer.”  This is an art of education where the teacher has motivated the students without the students necessarily being aware of their engagement in the lesson.  Though there was no conclusion in this blog post, I found it very challenging.  I am ready to begin teaching so that I can work on this art/skill in my own teaching.

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